My Second Final Review of Mr. Heinz’s Class

To answer the burning questions I will cut to the chase:

1. I did posting clever things well.

2. I could have helped others (since I am the wise, been-there-done-that grasshopper) better.

3. I enjoyed experiencing the wide world of the vast and enriching internet. I didn’t get that the first time through.

4. I would like to see more fulfilling experiences. We only did BLOGS and WIKIS, which are good, but I wish to do more.

My endearing senses tell me this class had greatness in every way possible besides the #4 thing. Thank you for your time and intellect, Mr. Heinz.


(a poll! a poll! a poll a poll a poll!)


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Amazingly Awesome and Weird Photos

This is me and my friend Katie on a normal day in our lives with photo booth. I’m the one without the headband, Katie has the headband.

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Pony Poems and Prose

King of the Horses

A front hoof strikes a challenge. I hold my breath as the stallion made from puffy white clouds tosses his head.

My mount, a shifty old bay, leans away from the stallion, telling me he wants no part of the battle the stallion is signaling.

I take in every rippling muscle, every tensed tendon.

His tail swishes in annoyance. He wants a fight. He wants my mount to make a move to take his harem of mares. I know that if we give him that, he will surely fight to the death with my horse. Surely, he will win.

His seven girlfriends, all grazing behind him, take no notice. The horse is like a defendant boy, protecting all the girls he likes. Except for the fact this boy is a fierce stallion on the range and all his girls are mares. His daughters and even his mother graze behind him as well. His only sons, two long legged gawky yearlings, stare at their father trembling before him.

He screams another challenge. The stallion isn’t a bloodthirsty beast; he is a simple range stallion, wanting to be the only dominating male. To do that, even my old stallion must fall.

“Goodbye.” I call. “Goodbye, King of the Horses.”

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Horse Poll

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Old Pony

Old Pony



He stands in the crossties.  His unruly black hair is long. His large brown eyes scan the scene before him. This horse, no, it’s a pony, has had a long life, I decide. This pony has seen many things.

I walk past the scene. A groom has spilled a water bucket and the stable manager is yelling at him.

The pony gazes lovingly at me, even though it’s the first time the little black equine has seen me.

“I’m going to get you out of here.” I whisper.

“Get away from that pony unless you’re buying it.” The stable manager growls, still upset about the water bucket.

“I will buy him.”

“He will be cheap, I suppose. After all, the ancient thing was given to us. We shall give him to you.” The stable manager snaps a lead rope onto the pony’s rope halter.

“Thank you. What is his name?”

“Black Pony.”

The poor thing may as well have been named Equine.

I lead the pony from the barn. With some work, he will be beautiful.

I turn the pony out in our field. He is deadly thin and dirty.

I go into the barn to get some brushes. I feel as if I know the pony in a strange way.

Suddenly I hear hooves behind me. I spin around to see the black pony, proud as a shiny new penny, standing behind me. No gates are open. He jumped the five foot fence!

I know who this pony is. It is Black Jack, the champion pony, the only pony to make it nationals and win. This is an old fourteen hand champion.

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My Final Review of Mr. Heinz’s Class

The Best thing about this class has been taking a break from normal classes! Me and my friend Katie can chat as we work on some fantabulous iBook G4 laptops.

The only thing that could be improved: NOTHING! THIS CLASS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

I am best at creating posts, I think. I am good at typing things and I loved ComicLife. I think I was good at it, too.

I could probably do better at the Pages project. I don’t understand it that well, and I don’t remember it! AHH!

I think Mr. Heinz’s teaching is great! The stupid zoo trip does NOT matter all!


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My review on Canterwood Crest

In the book, Canterwood Crest #2 Chasing Blue, Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, have proved their worth to the Canterwood Crest riding team. Her enemy, Heather Fox, has also scored onto the team with her horse and Charm’s enemy, Aristocrat. But when the girls and horses are assigned to work together for the big upcoming show, rivalry is forgotten.

When Sasha sees Heather spending too much time with her boyfriend, Jacob, though, she begins to only think of beating Heather in the show…i won’t tell you about it anymore because that may ruin it if you read it.

I think this book was good but not about horses that much. I think it should focus on Charm more than Jacob, but it doesn’t. I give it three stars!

The second book in the Canterwood Crest Series

The second book in the Canterwood Crest Series

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